Year 6 Layout


All of these things can be seen in the 1999 video.

This year was also in the tent. Visit year 4 to find out more.


This year our theme was Y2K! The entrance was a broken keyboard that you walked through the center of to get in. There was a giant Y2K sign on top of the keyboard.

Hall 1

The first hall had a TV set up and someone in the hidden room would tell them that its Dec. 31, 1999, etc. through a camera hooked up to the TV. (This totally bombed and was shut down after a half an hour because no one knew to stop)

Room 1

We took the bathtub from the front yard and put it in here to make a kind of "Psyco" scene. There was also a strobe light hooked up to a switch

Hall 2/3 and Room 2

These halls and room had flourescent spraypainted styrophome box things in blacklight (suppose to be computer chips), giving a really cool "Tron" type of effect. At the end of the hall was a mad man with his electric chainsaw :)

Room 3

This room was a torture room that had skeletons all over, impaled on stakes and with knives throught thier heads. There was also a giant gillotine that we planed to have work(look like it cuts someones head of) but it wasnt complete in time.

Hall 4

This hall was just a passage to the shrinking tunnel. It had a few cool props on the wall like a skeloton face that seemed to follow you.

Shrinking Tunnel

This was our great achevement! This checkered tunnel stared at 7ft high and shrunk to 3 ft. People were hidden in here convered in the same checkered wall paper and a strobe light was mounted at the top. Fog was added for an awsome effect. If you look at the above map you can see there was a way around the tunnel for people who could not make it though the tunnel. In the movies section download the 1999 news segment to see a great view of this! We are working on the plans to post on the i-net.

Hall 5/6

These halls had spider webs, painted bats, and many other "spooky props" that went great under the two black lights we placed here.

Room 4

The final room was a grave yard. Along with tombstones there were dummies scattered all over the place, one of wich was a real person of course (a great preformer). This room ended up scaring lots of people which made it probably one of our best room in the tent. The fog machince was also located here so that along with smoking up the finale room, the fog would also go under the wall to the tunnel.

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