Lear 4 Layout


This year we rented a big tent to hold the haunted house. The halls/rooms were made of black plastic hanging from wires stretched across the tent


For the entrance this year we made a UFO that you had to walk through to get in. The frame was made of wood with chicken wire to give it a round shape. The chicken wire was then covered in aluminum foil to give it that authentic look.

Hall 1

This hall was covered in cobwebs and spiders. From here you could hear the screams from the other rooms.

Room 1

This room was mad scientist's room. It contained guts, blood, and all the other necessities of a mad scientist. Before you knew it the scientist himself appeared with chainsaw and all.

Hall 2

Hall 2 was more like a tunnel. It had a low roof covered in spider webs. Along the sides were flashing Christmas lights (In orange and black colors of course).

Hall 3

This hall contained signs that warned people about the horror yet to come.

Room 2

Room 2 was a nuclear reactor. It was made of chicken wire. The room was filled with smoke and many monsters.

Room 3

This room was a transport room. The place was covered with cotton and had black lights in it. It made a really cool effect. There was also a person in a chair with flashing lights all around him.

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