Year 5 Layout


This year was also in the tent. Visit year 4 to find out more.


This year for the entrance we built a castle out of thin boards. We cut it out with a jigsaw and painted it florescent colors.

Room 1

This room had a monster in it, but didn't have much of a theme. This monster would show people where to go to the next room. Behind a curtain was where the master sound system was located. This year we rented a microphone that could be heard from all around the haunted house.

Room 2

Room 2 had a cage with flashing lights. In the cage was a werewolf. The cage was made of PVC pipes. The cage had a light switch that controlled all the lights in the room. The actor had control of this switch.

Room 3

This room was a walk through graveyard. No actors were present in this room.

Hall 1

This twisting, narrow hallway had Halloween lights running down the sides. It had a dummy and some other Halloween figures but no actors.

Room 4

This room was designed like a funhouse. There was a clown in it to scare people.

Room 5

This was just another room with lights and signs telling people to beware.

Room 6

Room 6 contained a strobe light for effect. Two crazy clowns were hiding behind a wall.

Room 7

This last room had body parts strung all around. From the roof hung white string that glowed in the black lights. Out off another room came a monster with a chainsaw. He chased them out of the haunted house and into the yard.

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