Year 3 Layout

Hall 1

See Year 1

Hall 2

This hall started in the garage. It was constructed the same as year 2. It contained figures and black lights but no actors.

Hall 3

This hall contained more horrific figures including a skeleton riding a bike, hanging from the ceiling. In the center of this hallway was a coffin with a vampire hiding in it.

Hall 4

At the beginning of this hall a spider fell from the roof, giving TOTers a scare. They would then continue down this short hall ready for the next scene.

Hall 5

At the beginning of this hall there was a box with a werewolf in it. (There is a picture of this at the bottom of pictures #3 section.) The actor in this box controlled a light switch in the room.

Hall 6

Nothing much happened in this hall.


At the beginning of this hall was chopped Uncle Joe. (This can also be viewed in the pictures #3 section.) At the end was where the candy was handed out.

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