Year 2 Layout

Hall 1

See Year 1

Hall 2

All of the halls in the garage were made by black plastic hanging from the ceiling. In this hallway there were black lights and glow in the dark paint every where. A monster was hiding behind a table at the end of this hall.

Hall 3

This hall was created the same as the first one. At the end of this halway was a mummy in a coffin. The actor playing the mummy had a light switch to turn on a spot light aiming at them.

Hall 4

This hall was the same as the first two but without any actors

Viewing Room

This room was made out of the same black plastic as the hallways. Inside was an electric chair with a strobe light, activated by an executioner.


This is where the exit of the haunted house was. It is also where the candy bags were recevied.

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