Pictures of 1999

(Halloween Night)

Making final preparations, about an hour away from show time.

Have hundereds of candy bags ready for everyone who comes to visit
(There are almost 5x more bags behind the black paper curtain)

The Y2K bug (Uncle Joe) is comming to infect your computer.

Show Time! The entrance sign under black light

Faces that seem to follow you enhance any haunted house.

Wow ... we can even scare grown men!

A hallway that is filled with Computer chips plus a few black lights gives a creepy feeling to walk down.

Our torture room was once of our main attractions, it had no actors but a lot of great props.

Here is another view of the torture room.

Our shrinking tunnel was a great addition the our house. It shrank from 7ft to 4ft and was all covered in checkerd paper.

This man played dead in the last room. The room had a dummy acroos from him
that looked alike. The actor would then leap out and scare the kids.

We even added a few humorous characters to our haunted house

A scene from instide the tent with a wolf hiding in the back

A view from outside the tent's entracnce

Another scene of the torture room. Opps, the head fell off.

A scene outside where we would greet the soon to be very scared visitors

Ahh the end. Hope you enjoyed the tour of our Y2K Haunted House.

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