Pictures of 2000


Our first Monster Mud creation.  What a proud day!

Here is a side view of Jim, Nate, and Bob adding spider web to the front lawn.

From Left to Right: Jamie Marini, Jim Martens, Bob Feehan, Nate Teideken, and Mike Musso

Another side view of the front lawn.

Here we are putting together the shrinking tunnel

Here is the completed tunnel, as you can see it goes from 7ft to 4ft

Here is Jamie attaching wire to the top of the tent so we can add plastic walls.

Here is a view of the cage.  The cage actually was an attempted "Vortex" that fell over, so we decided not to scrap it but use it as a Warewolf Cage ... it worked pretty well.

This is a converted vegtible garden that was turned into a graveyard.  Someone was hidding in the coffin and jumped out to scare people.

Here is a side view of the two tents in the backyard

This is a view of the second tent and the cage.

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